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Power to Run

Running Form Workshop – Saturday 10th March 2018

£35.00 Free!

Your chance to attend a Running Form Workshop to get you ready for your big event. Learn the basics for improving your running technique via the practical outdoor session and build the key tips & information that will get you to the start line feeling confident.

Start your training in the right way and make 2018 the year your running took off.

Product Description

Runners need movement efficency, especially triathletes

This is a very simple statement that is more true for this sport than most, to complete a running event at any level you need to move well to perform well.

Work spent building a good foundation for your body, helping improve movement patterns will allow you to develop your technical skill for an efficent running movement pattern. The skill of running requires dedication to develop however the results will amaze you. The more you plan the better your race day can be.

During this FREE workshop you will discover the key elements for the skill of building your running technique through a full practical session in the park. Your expert running coach will be able ot offer top tips & advice to help you gain the most form your training in the led up to your event. This will bring together all the elements of a running event so you can work on your skills and enjoy your training knowing you are addressing the most important part of the event – Your Body’s Movement Health.


50 Minute practical session in Tooting Common, meet by the Tooting Lido

It’s How You Move!

Places Limited – Book Now