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About Body Logic Health and the Team

John Smith John’s initial goals were to lose weight and to feel fit and healthy. After injuring his back in the past he was reluctant to start training. With our injury prevention movement screen and clinical PT sessions, we have identified the stability retraining John needed in order to avoid injury. A year has now past and having achieved his first goal of losing weight, he is now working towards improving his dynamic strength and agility for tennis.

Charles JacksonCharles came to us at the beginning of 2015 having being diagnosed with Young Parkinson’s disease. As a proactive step towards his well being Charles attended his initial trial screening session and discussed his goals. This primarily involved wanting to exercise as a form of treatment and lifestyle which is absolutely vital for those suffering with young Parkinson’s. We took a pro active approach to treatment and have been completing three to four high intensity movement sessions each week. Since beginning personal training Charles has noted substantial changes in his day to day well being including movement through his right side of his body which has been effected, great increase in overall body strength and fitness, but finally and most importantly the amount of energy and enjoyment he gets out of his sessions. After attending an early morning session he has a kick in his step before setting out for a long day at work. Our work is on going and due to Charles overall improved levels of fitness we will be progressing to 60 minute clinical PT sessions, where together we can further improve his performance and daily life.

Alexia AguzzolliAlexia has searching for an effective way to improve her fitness and lose weight over a long period of time, while avoiding her injury issues that flare up. Having tried to lose weight with previous trainers, she always found the her injuries reoccurring after a few good weeks of training. By combining rehab and stability retraining exercises in her Clinical PT sessions, Alexia has been injury free and able to work at the high intensity she desires. Feeling fitter and better than ever before, Alexia is enjoying her training again. She has now set new goals for the future.