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We Are Body Movement Patterns & Health Care Specialists

We Assess, Analyse & Correct Movement Patterns to Improve Performance

Are you looking for health care specialists that provide you with the opportunity to live and enjoy your life? Would you like to remove the restrictions your body is placing on your lifestyle? The good news is you have come to the right place, by utilising the latest evidence based practice and creating a movement enhancing environment your health and movement issues will be in safe hands with the Body Logic Health team.

Improving your movement is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has the capability to improve the way they function on a day-to-day basis. The key is in the assessment and analysis of your current movement patterns, identifying your risks and addressing them to build them into strengths. We have solutions for you with various options that will change your view of how you move.


The problem is not always the original injury but the recurrence of these complaints. The fact is that the biggest predictor of an injury or pain episode is a previous episode. We can help to identify the underlying causes of these issues to allow you to enjoy your life and live it the way you want to. To achieve your maximum potential it is time to look beyond your pain or injury and into your movement restrictions.

Body Logic Health cover a wide variety of movement solutions for you, from removing pain with our chartered physiotherapy team, releasing restrictions with our massage specialists, taking you beyond pain with our rehabilitation team, then looking at performance with Running Evolution and our clinical performance trainers. There is a solution for everyone looking to obtain movement health in their life.

All this means your movement issues are clearly identified allowing our team to retrain your movement patterns with an individualised programme to address your aims, goals and desires.

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